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John H, Clippinger, 9/10/19


The designed and encoded purpose of a Reflexive Mutual Limited Liability Company (RMLLC) is to act in the best interest of all its members to generate goods, services and assets, which singly, or in combination, achieve, stable, and measurable value exchange within an exchange network to achieve mutually agreed to outcomes. 

In contrast to a C corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), which acquires investment capital to maximize shareholder value to achieve market liquidity, the RMLLC strives to reflexively generate value through internal liquidity and value generation within a mutual organization. 

The mutual organization defines the measurable outcomes it wants to achieve for different kinds of assets and services with respect to carbon emissions, affordability/equity and resilience. RMLLCs can differ widely in their selection of assets and services, rights and permissions of members and nonmembers, as well as to relative the priority of different outcomes.

To raise external capital the RMLLC sells appreciation rights to single asset classes – such as energy, housing, 5G, food, mobility, for a  competitive market rate of return, with the option to buy back those rights from external investors with a premium at the RMLLC’s discretion. Read the rest “Mutualistic Compound Value Generation And Retention”

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