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With unfettered human growth, we can expect the extinction of at least 60% of today’s species and a largely uninhabitable planet within the next fifty years. Our time to curtail these trends is less than 20 years! Nature has given us an ultimatum. It is not a future problem; it is an immediate imperative. Yet denial and paralysis persist.

But they are not an option. The transition cannot be achieved in the usual manner. No supra-multi-national agency, no UN or any nation-state can prescribe nor impose a global solution; no Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Tesla, or mega-corp or collection of same can innovate our way to a viable future. No omnipotent state – China nor the US  or coalition of same can meet the deadline.

Whatever the solution, it cannot entail the expansion of state or global governmental powers; nor the imposition of taxes, top-down regulations, entitlements, nor classic “free market” solutions. These remedies, whether democratically enacted or dictatorially imposed will not work at scale and are themselves, contributors to environmental degradation and economic inequity.


Some of the most significant and rapid changes in Western society occurred through a series of natural micro-changes in the structure of social and economic networks.Read the rest “A MANIFESTO FOR IMMEDIATE ACCELERATED TRANSITION: THE CENTRALITY OF TECH FOR A FEASIBLE AND EQUITABLE FUTURE”

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While the predictions about the immediacy of the dire and irreversible consequences about climate change keep being moved forward and while global political and economic institutions dissemble and falter, there is little discussion about how PRACTICALLY AND IMMEDIATELY – human societies can avert the consequences of climate change. 2040 and 2050 are cited as extinction dates but the effects will be felt far sooner as financial markets and global opportunists scramble and brace for the unimaginable.

In the traditional political realm, there is hand-wringing and pallid prescriptions, all premised on tinkering with existing institutions and approaches, They will not work, Their time has passed. We cannot get to the Moon with a longer ladder. We cannot do it with carbon credits, tax credits, new treaties, or by ignoring the magnitude of the challenge or the certainty of the science.

There must be total urgency, commitment now on a global scale, We must revamp our institutions, ideologies, religions, norms, and finances to transform our economies, our ways of life, and our technologies to earth and life-affirming global culture. There will be no Singularity – no Mars colonies, no “Libertanias”, no livable future for most of us. It is not a matter of future generations, It is now.… Read the rest “WELCOME TO THE INQUIRY ABOUT TECH AND THE FUTURE OF OUR FUTURE”

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One of the most cherished innovations of the early Internet was its openness. Anyone could publish and access content; anyone could be who or what they wanted to be; no permissions required. No one was in charge. The Internet knew no borders.  It was innocent.

That was then. Those very qualities of openness and freedom are now its nemesis. What was free has become fake: fake Ids, facts, content, images, videos, news;  everything is gameable. Nothing is to be trusted.  To make matters worse, major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter and others exploit those weaknesses through algorithms that amplify sensationalized and extreme user responses as a part of their business model. The platforms are agnostic as to the character or validity of the content, but extremely pious about their “freedom” to connect and to drive the volume of content. The more the better. That translates into revenue and influence.

Not So Fast

On the other hand, the IOT world of autonomous vehicles, smart cities, infrastructures, munitions and drones are not quite so sanguine about the status of their data or messages.  On the contrary, they absolutely depend upon the veracity, reliability and latency of their devices and networks being 6 Sigma.Read the rest “NON FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFT) TOKENS OF TRUTH AND TITLE SAVING THE INTERNET FROM ITSELF”

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