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It takes a blunt existential crisis to redress systemic societal and economic failings. We are at such a moment with the epic storm of global health and economic crisis compounded by inept and regressive leadership. These failures will not be redressed by traditional means. 

These challenges also present a singular opportunity to catalyze a new ecological, social and economic contract for the 21st century.  As data are the new currency of the digital realm, there is the real prospect of resetting foundational rights and institutions through an empowering and secure data infrastructure that protects privacy, ensures verifiability and enables authentic, resilient and equitable interactions. Through such an infrastructure the fusion of the physical and the virtual can provide rapid and robust responses to the health, ecological and economic threats before us. And it DOES NOT require either a pubic or private Surveillance State!

Economy and Health

The Nobel Laureate economist, Paul Romer, and the physician, Alan Garber, in their NYT, 3/23,20 Opinion piece – How to Prevent a Coronovirus Depression, starkly state the problem.

“To protect our way of life, we need to shift within a couple of months to a targeted approach that limits the spread of the virus but still lets most people go back to work and resume their daily activities.Read the rest “NOvid 2020: Genesis Nodes, Secure Mobile Citizen Data  And Payment Platform For Addressing Pandemic And Economic Crisis”

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John H, Clippinger, 9/10/19


The designed and encoded purpose of a Reflexive Mutual Limited Liability Company (RMLLC) is to act in the best interest of all its members to generate goods, services and assets, which singly, or in combination, achieve, stable, and measurable value exchange within an exchange network to achieve mutually agreed to outcomes. 

In contrast to a C corporation or a Limited Liability Company (LLC), which acquires investment capital to maximize shareholder value to achieve market liquidity, the RMLLC strives to reflexively generate value through internal liquidity and value generation within a mutual organization. 

The mutual organization defines the measurable outcomes it wants to achieve for different kinds of assets and services with respect to carbon emissions, affordability/equity and resilience. RMLLCs can differ widely in their selection of assets and services, rights and permissions of members and nonmembers, as well as to relative the priority of different outcomes.

To raise external capital the RMLLC sells appreciation rights to single asset classes – such as energy, housing, 5G, food, mobility, for a  competitive market rate of return, with the option to buy back those rights from external investors with a premium at the RMLLC’s discretion. Read the rest “Mutualistic Compound Value Generation And Retention”

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One of the most cherished innovations of the early Internet was its openness. Anyone could publish and access content; anyone could be who or what they wanted to be; no permissions required. No one was in charge. The Internet knew no borders.  It was innocent.

That was then. Those very qualities of openness and freedom are now its nemesis. What was free has become fake: fake Ids, facts, content, images, videos, news;  everything is gameable. Nothing is to be trusted.  To make matters worse, major platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter and others exploit those weaknesses through algorithms that amplify sensationalized and extreme user responses as a part of their business model. The platforms are agnostic as to the character or validity of the content, but extremely pious about their “freedom” to connect and to drive the volume of content. The more the better. That translates into revenue and influence.

Not So Fast

On the other hand, the IOT world of autonomous vehicles, smart cities, infrastructures, munitions and drones are not quite so sanguine about the status of their data or messages.  On the contrary, they absolutely depend upon the veracity, reliability and latency of their devices and networks being 6 Sigma.Read the rest “NON FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFT) TOKENS OF TRUTH AND TITLE SAVING THE INTERNET FROM ITSELF”

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