While the predictions about the immediacy of the dire and irreversible consequences about climate change keep being moved forward and while global political and economic institutions dissemble and falter, there is little discussion about how PRACTICALLY AND IMMEDIATELY – human societies can avert the consequences of climate change. 2040 and 2050 are cited as extinction dates but the effects will be felt far sooner as financial markets and global opportunists scramble and brace for the unimaginable.

In the traditional political realm, there is hand-wringing and pallid prescriptions, all premised on tinkering with existing institutions and approaches, They will not work, Their time has passed. We cannot get to the Moon with a longer ladder. We cannot do it with carbon credits, tax credits, new treaties, or by ignoring the magnitude of the challenge or the certainty of the science.

There must be total urgency, commitment now on a global scale, We must revamp our institutions, ideologies, religions, norms, and finances to transform our economies, our ways of life, and our technologies to earth and life-affirming global culture. There will be no Singularity – no Mars colonies, no “Libertanias”, no livable future for most of us. It is not a matter of future generations, It is now.